The Property Block solving the UK housing crises while saving The Green Belt

We are a fully funded company using innovative technology to identify development sites in areas with demand for more housing.

You have been specially selected.

Congratulations your property has been identified by our technology as having potential for development. We only reach out to property owners after a thorough investigation into the planning potential of your property and when we are sure that it is highly likely to get planning permission granted. Our technology allows us to understand the housing need and environmental impact in your area which is paramount when getting planning permission.

We will buy your house
above market value.

The Property Block are dedicated to solving the UK housing crises without building on Green Belt land. We do this by buying houses and land that we know that we can develop or redevelop to turn into multiple affordable occupancies. Because we know that your house or land is worth developing, we are able to offer above market value in order to complete the deal.

No fees for you.

The Property Block will take care of all legal and planning fees, so you will receive the full amount from your sale.

Our exclusive property development technology will have already indicated the development potential of your property so we will feel secure in covering all expenses upfront.

The personal touch.

Our technology may have found you but it is our people that will make the process run smoothly.

Your personal advisor will always be available to keep you up to date and answer any questions that you may have, every step of the way.

The Property Block understand that everyone’s motivation is different and we pride ourselves on helping clients reach their goals. 

We are optimists who love
to work together!

Contact us for a quote, help, or to become a member of our team!