The Property Block, working with the land owner, maximizes their profit potential by entering into a transparent option agreement. We then work with professional architects, supported by our technology, to obtain detailed planning for the identified development.

Your property questions answered.

This is quite easy to explain.

– You, as the potential seller, will make a promise that is legally binding to sell us your house or property at an agreed price within an agreed period of time. This may be after the completion of a specified event has taken place, for example, planning permission being granted.

– We then make you a legally binding promise, to pay you the sum of money that we have mutually agreed as stated in our contract.

In a nutshell, you agree to the sale of your property to us before a specified date.

We can assure you that our option agreement is generous and you will find it attractive.

– We will quickly start the process of submitting the planning application, once you have signed the contract officially agreeing to sell your property to us, subject to a successful planning application.

– We will always be available to discuss any concerns with the process with you.

– Our initial agreement with you is for one year, which means we maintain the right to buy your property for twelve months.

– If there is a delay in obtaining planning permission, for example, if it has to go to appeal, the initial agreement can be extended for six months from the original time scale. We will pay you the agreed sum as stated in the contract when the property is sold.

If you are happy with our proposals, the legal side can be dealt with in as little as two weeks, but, of course, can take longer. The planning side can take up to a year, but so far we have been able to complete all these processes in around five months.

As we are so experienced and have a skilled team, we have the expertise to unlock the value of your property which makes for a great deal for us and for you.

Our team are very experienced in obtaining planning permission and have a sound knowledge of what is acceptable to the planners and what is not. If we were unsuccessful in your case, which is very unlikely, you will be notified straight away. Your agreement with us will be void and we would leave you to do whatever you wish with your property.

It will cost you nothing. We will not charge you any fees for estate agents or legal fees as part of our agreement and offer to you in the first place was to pay your legal fees using an agreed legal team.

We have been told by homeowners that they have been approached by other companies wanting to buy their house or part of their garden, but we are unique in that we fully and carefully balance the risk between us and the prospective vendors.

Our aim is for the homeowner to have a zero financial outlay throughout the whole process and we do this through offering financial assurance.

As professionals we are diligent in our checks and will only make an offer to you if your property or land passes our stringent criteria.

Your garden questions answered.

The gardens that we are interested in purchasing are very large and gardens that are too big are difficult and time heavy to maintain. The most popular gardens with purchasers are those that are still a good size, but are easy to manage. Therefore, the loss of part of your plot should not affect the resale value of your home and may well make it a more attractive proposition. We will ensure, by using experts in landscape gardening and architects, that your garden is still in proportion to the size of your house.

It is inevitable that some of the trees might need to be lost as they would be in the way of construction of new homes, but there are very strict regulations regarding trees and any tree with a tree preservation order on it will be protected so that any development retains it. Lost trees will be replaced as a planting scheme will be required by the planning authority and these will be the same variety or an improved specimen. The design will be submitted to them for approval. It may well mean that evergreens will be replaced by deciduous trees to give more light and to allow planting below to thrive and produce more oxygen which will have a beneficial effect on CO2 levels in the future. There will be management of the green areas including the trees put in place to ensure these areas are kept in good condition.

Our designers will take every care to ensure that your privacy is maintained, both by the design of the houses and by keeping as much of the established plants and trees to provide this. Planning law is very clear on this matter and the local authority will not pass plans that do not satisfy them in this respect.

No, you will not have vehicles encroaching on your land. Access to the site of the new development will need to be created, but this will be done so that your are not disturbed by people driving onto your property. Any roadway will probably be situated at the side of your site or will be a separate entrance and this will be screened from your view.

We, as a company will contact your immediate neighbours and those opposite you and explain in full about the development. They will have an opportunity to contact us and we will deal with any queries they may have. The planning authority are bound, as part of granting planning permission, to write to your neighbours who will have the right to examine the plans and raise any objections they may have. If any of your neighbours tell you that they may object to the plans, we will discuss any issues with them, if you don’t feel comfortable with doing so yourself.

There are parking standards to which we adhere. This means their own parking spaces must be provided for the residents and spaces for their visitors too. In the unlikely event that the local planning authority decide upon a reduction in the standard parking recommendations, an independent parking survey will be carried out on your street to ascertain whether there would be sufficient street parking for any excess vehicles. Any other developments in your area that are not yet built will be taken into consideration when the parking stress is monitored.

We are very aware that the majority of our developments are in existing urban and suburban areas and we take our responsibility to the residents of the area very seriously. We have a time schedule from the local authority for working on the build and will noted any noisy or external work outside the permitted hours. We are always aware of keeping traffic disruption to a minimum and we have social responsibility to the residents.

The Property Block will always do our best to move your greenhouse, shed or garage to a new, suitable location in the garden that you are retaining.

You will need to advise your mortgage company of this and get their consent. You will need to apply for a release of part security. Your solicitor will be able to advise you on this, but it is not necessary to do this before you sell to us. We will, of course, pay any administration fees that your mortgage company charges you.

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